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Western Winds is an Amtgard Barony situated in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in September of 2010. Amtgard, being a medieval fantasy society has many aspects and here in western winds we do our best to allow people to excel in any category they wish to pursue.

Amtgard is 35+ years old and every Amtgard park has it's own uniqueness. Western winds has a fairly strong focus on fighting and class battle games. We accommodate young members to help them learn our rules and feel part of our society. Even though the majority of our players are between 18-30 years old, our members range from 10-55 years and is very family friendly.

We have a lot of different aspects to Amtgard in Western Winds. Every saturday at Jackie Parker Park at 1pm to fight and play some class battle games. Our key game we seem to play at almost every week is a game of Capture the Flag. Along with regular field days, we hold some game/crafting nights for people to hang out. We have some up and coming crafters making armour, garb, weapons, accessories etc... and we try to put on demos to try to get people to enjoy Amtgard as much as we enjoy it!

When and where we meet every week.

When: Every Saturday @ 1pm
Where: Jackie Parker Park (50st and the Whitemud)

See for yourself how much fun it is.

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